Friday, August 24, 2012

I will stop this blog for a week more or something

Hello, this blog has not been update. I've been with some problems in health and law. I will take a break until the week of 3 of September. Then I will return with the article. By the way I'm not figured on alltop, thank to the staff of the site for accepting my submission. Thank you so much!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life is too short for non-sense

I'm just here to blow some steam. So the site seems to be growing very well. I'm doing some different types of blogging and I would like to know what you guys think. So I just wanted to say today I witness 2 situations of clear douchebagging, the first when a a friend of mine who I gave a gift on his birthday on 13. Today because he felt I didn't behave right on the party called me crazy (something about when I complimented him, something I did wrong dunno). The second was in the bar when some guys entered there just to tell the guy waiting tables that he lived a better life than them in his mercedes  (the guy didn't have a mercedes at all he was a waiter). In short some people are douchebags who don't acknowledge the good things in their lives. Them I just want to say life is too short for non-sense. Get your act together and stop annoying people ;) . A new piece article still this week.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Piece Articles: 5 Horrible People overlooked by history. Number 4: John Chivington

Many Americans can't look to USA and see really bad people... There are the bad ones and even the worst ones. But maybe John Chivington surpassed them all, because of what a coward he was...
He was the commander under the Sandcreek Massacre, where him and his possibly drunken soldiers attacked and killed some Cheyenne and Arapaho people who where settling there under American Flag with a promise from the government that they wouldn't be touched...
The story goes like this. On the night of November 28 of 1864 Chivington (a renowned Indian hater for some reason) got his ass drunk and decided that would kill some Indians next morning. The problem is that those Indians were protected by the United States and hold no guns. Making this what could be the first act of American hate ever on indigenous people. (Joking there were many others.) So what happened is that after seeing the cavalry charging forwards. Black Kettle, the leader of the Indians issued a white flag. This in no means made the things better. 163 Indians were killed by shooting or stabbing. John M. Chivington faced three separate hearings, but no official action was ever taken. If that wasn't bad already, later he also sent soldiers to kill his own captain Mr. Silas Soule who declared that would testify against him.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Piece Articles: 5 Horrible People overlooked by history. Number 5: António de Oliveira Salazar

Hello this section is called piece small articles. I took this idea from the articles on In fact this first article (divided in 5 pieces) was originally a pitch I did for cracked a while ago. It was dismissed because it was too dark. More parts coming out later this week...

Every time I think of cracked I think about Chuck Norris.

This guy was ballsy nuts!
Ok here is something you should know about the Portuguese as a monarchic empire. These guys were the first nation that abolished slavery and one of the first ones that abolished death penalty too, even before the United States. Remember this, it will be important later...
Then came António de Oliveira Salazar (known as "Salazar" to the Portuguese People), and then all the kind of shit happened...
Right out of beginning he declared himself "O Salvador da Patria", translated "The Savior of the Nation". Actually, he made propaganda, by photo-shopping his head in the body of Afonso Henriques, aka the founder of Portugal 800 freaking years before him... If you have difficulty on picturing this, imagine Nixon making propaganda by photo-shopping his face on the body of George Washington...
But this was nothing. Oh no, this was just the beginning...  You see, Salazar risen up to the power in 1932, right before the freaking World War II... He was smart and he decided to become Neutral in that war... But actually he was even smarter because he made money out of it... 
Also, remember that whole thing of the Jewish holocaust? Well he out of spite gave visas to Jew people coming out of North Europe, but refused to let them pass with those visas in France and Spain... During and after war neither the Allies, neither the Axis touched him, not even Hitler... Speaking out of it, Hitler never complained that he was giving Visa to Jews, except for one Portuguese diplomat, who was caught doing it... Salazar punished him by condemning him to a life of poverty... But Hitler knew it better already, because Salazar started a colonial war with every single one of the old Portuguese African and Asian Colonies that lasted even after his own death... In fact one Indian Operation to recover Portuguese occupied territories was so bloody that made almost 4000 Portuguese POWS in just 36 hours. (Not to talk about a civil revolution that ended in the killing of many, and the fleeing of many others who had rich lives there some of them Indian.)
Salazar also started his own police force, who was in charge of a espionage network and of manhunt, torture and kill literally everyone who was against him... Among the other achievements, he also: faked an election only to win and kill the opposite candidate in a manhunt through Spain and paid to build a bridge in the biggest Iberian River only to name it after himself in the end...
Oh and before following a political career he considered a career as a Catholic priest... Also his influence was so big in Portuguese Soil, that recently the Portuguese People, still suffering of Stockholm Syndrome, declared him the "Best Portuguese who ever lived" in a Tv Show... Hitler had a lot to learn with this guy...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Experience with a Moroccan Transexual

 (Yesterday I listened this song on the radio on bus for the first time, then today I saw this video and laughed my ass off with it.)

So it is official today I am talking about transsexuals and transvestites. First I want to make you sure I am not any of both. I am real normal guy. And I don't generally don't hang out with them. But I am adept of penpalling. I just love to meet people online. Since I was 12 actually I am used to have several contacts on my Windows Live Messenger account (formerly MSN Messenger). But last year was horrible. So I started trying to make friends on a site called okcupid. This was the worst idea that I had ever. I had zero intentions of finding a relationship there. But I've met a crazy but hot Spanish bisexual girl, a rude Portuguese-American genderqueer (which means it was a girl but she whatever she used male or female clothes and haircuts and was pansexual), also on the pansexual subject I met a guy from Lisbon who really wanted to stick up his flag on my hole. And I'm pretty sure I am going to talk about them all here at my blog since that 6 month profile was surely the best I've ever had.
 But today I am talking about the Moroccan transsexual (yes there are transsexuals, bis, gays whatever you name it on the Islamic world, I can tell them because I've met them all (there about 5 islamic lgbt people on World :D ).
So you ask me how are them? Well transsexuals,  they're like any other person in the world. They are weird but normal people. If you close your eyes and forget they were born on the wrong gender you will see they will do everything to look like normal people of their desired. Just don't ask about "How is the sex?", because they are just as comfortable into giving you an answer as you are. Also some decide to remain virgins until gender change because they averse to anal sex. Seriously, like you some of them feel disgusted with the idea of doing on the butt.
My Moroccan friend was a cool person. I called her "Sarah" and I never heard her real male name. She was taking synthetic estrogen, but because she was on Morocco no doctor would take her case, because it is illegal there to be gay. And because she was unemployed she had only money for one pill per day. She should take 4 a day. That was dangerous but this just shows how the world is unfair to some people, and how we 1st world people are so lucky for the liberties we have.
How it ended? Well I tried to help her to leave the country. I even contacted some consulates and embassies around Europe. But no dice. No country really cares that much. Or lgbt associations, I mailed some too. But I never got an answer. In the end I was "schooling" her so much. Because she started this even before leaving the country. So she just said she hated "teachers". And never more replied to me again. A time after I deleted my account on that site. I made one in March again but I'm not using it at all. Okcupid is not a site to make friendships believe.
Oh and if you ask what about my Moroccan friend? She added me on badoo, the other day as a friend. She was looking for a guy to date in Casablanca (where she lives). I don't know if she succeed because she never answered my reply.

Ok I think I will still do an article today, but this post got too long. We will see but I hope you like it as much as I did.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Everything is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson (Must watch.)

Hello, I am going to post just 4 vimeo videos here (I know it is nothing new but whatever). Those are not new, and I will probably discuss them later. They are from an author that I like named Kirby Ferguson he has a site and a twitter. He has this amazing 4 part series called "Everything is a Remix", he also did a video on SOPA that I will add in the post below that was a bit about that. He also has new project coming (I admit I didn't contribute I was at a very difficult stage of my life back then but that always had my support.)
He says it will start before the USA elections so it is in November or before and I am SOOO excited to watch because he is an amazing film director.

Oh yes Everything is a Remix, is a documentary about nothing on this Earth being original because since of dawn of humanity we've been copying and modifying each others cultures, thinking lines etc while saying that is something really original. With nothing more to be said I hope you enjoy. Cheers ;)

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Everything is a Remix Part 4 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

So lets talk about... Political Prostituition.

Yesterday I was at the pirate bay. I am not going to show the link because I can't really show anything illegal here. Any it related to the video above and to the link to the site political-prostitution. And I am amazed to hear about SOPA related things more than 6 months before. During my search yesterday I also saw the site demonoid was also shut down. I think a bit around the world America is trying to save Hollywood by shutting sites and by extraditing people so in order to save Hollywood. The truth is Hollywood is became somewhat of a nuisance anyway. They just can't create new content, so they contemplate on doing remixes of old movies, over and over again and this is not even news. Smosh recently made a video joking exactly with that. (See the link below.)

See its funny knowing the the good people of Youtube can make better content with much lower budgets. And I don't care if Hollywood is pissed at the World because the World is competition. What pisses me about is the level of corruption in politics. By that I mean our politicians (even here in Europe yes), are standing for the big shots instead of supporting who elects them. How far is that for the people, if our leader don't root for us. We pay the taxes don't we? Why they need to take on millions given by big shots and make a blind eye to the people.
Dvds are extremely expensive, music too. So we need to pay barrels of money to all the content we want to watch? So they can be even more rich and mess with us again. Is our choice between watching less content or pay more money? Because if we paid for all we watch we would be starving!
On a last note (and I know I am writing about my personal agenda but that was explicit since the beginning of the blog) we need to find politicians with more virtues, we shouldn't let anyone enter into politics (I know I didn't vote for half of the people on my parliament, and somewhat that scares me). Or instead we should give more power into our countries decisions. You know a bit more of direct democracy. Don't you agree?

I agree that together we could make a change. By the way since I am giving this older post link, check also other of my ideas under the tag Floating Debt Speculation. Go head don't be shy, and tell me after what you think ;) . Thank you all!

Ps: If changethis doesn't help me with the manifesto I will make it and share with you all here and at squidoo, give it a month or two.

Pps: Go watch the political prostitution site above, it is important. It speaks mainly about US trying to extradit anyone who shares illegal content even if it is indirectly? Isn't this mad? I bet there are terrorist more worth of extradition U.S. ;)

Update: If you want to know more about this Non Sense of SOPA, see this amazing video by Kirby Ferguson that explains all. (It was from the time it was a REAL menace.)

Protect IP Act Breaks the Internet from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.